Have you ever noticed that one morning your hair color looks fine and the next morning you have about a half inch of roots, or, as we say in the salon business, new growth? Oh, you know it doesn’t really happen overnight, but that’s definitely how it feels, isn’t it?

And with your busy schedule it seems like the last thing you have time to do is sit for a couple of hours in the salon chair to get your hair color refreshed. (Have you ever felt like you should apologize to your stylist because you went for too long between visits, and now it seems like she’s having to do a full makeover? Believe me, you’re not the only one!)

LIFE CHANGING NEWS!!! OK, maybe not on a grand scale, but it really can bring a smile to your face and your calendar!

TEN MINUTES! That’s right… you can get an express color service in as little as 10 minutes!

This is no fairy tale, but here’s the happy ending, anyway: this beautiful long-lasting color (with complete grey coverage) adds vibrancy and shine. The service offers outstanding care and condition to help your hair be as healthy as possible.

Andiamo’s advances in color technology mean you really DO have time to look more fabulous than ever! Ready for your summer highlights? Want to WOW with some russet tones? How about a rich brown that takes 5 years off? The options are endless; the wait time isn’t!

Now, spending time in the salon chair offers all the (mmmmmmm!) luxury of treating yourself to a little pampering during your color refresh without the long down time of traditional coloring. Get this on your calendar today! 

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