Hair Color Specialist Plano TX


Changing your hair color—whether it’s for the first time or the fifth time—is an adventure that requires an expert guide, like the stylists at The Evelyn Kershaw Salon.
Love a natural look? Whether you want a full color transformation, light-catching highlights or subtle low lights, your hair is in the very best hands when you trust our stylists.

Maybe you’re obsessed with Granny hair. These beautiful silvery hues can usually be safely and beautifully achieved with careful planning and a few visits (including a consultation.)

Unicorn hair—including a beautiful range of bright, fantasy colors—is a fun option a few of our clients have embraced; either through fun pops of color or with more daring choices. If you’d like to experiment with these colors, we can guide you to just the right level of brilliance.

Summer highlights in shimmery golds and soft blondes, Fall/Winter lowlights in chestnut, chocolate and burgundy; we’re happy to take your aspiration and make it our inspiration.

10 Minute Hair Color

That’s right: hair color in just 10 minutes. At The Evelyn Kershaw Salon you can turn your lunch hour into your full salon experience because we offer ANDIAMO, the 10 minute hair color. The possibilities are endless!
Hair Color Specialist Plano TX
Hair Color Specialist Plano TX

EKS Knows the Hottest Color Trends

Balayage and ombre are two of the hottest hair color trends 2022. Achieving these looks is a delicate blend of artistry and chemistry, to create soft, subtle shifts in shade without harsh demarcation lines. You can trust our stylists to select the shade variations as well as the type of hair dye that is right for you.

The Evelyn Kershaw Salon offers several brands of hair dye from top companies in the industry, including Andiamo.

Andiamo ensures that hair remains gorgeous during and after the coloring process. Achieve beautiful color and complete grey coverage in just 10 minutes with Andiamo. Refresh color, blend greys and enhance a variety of tones with this no-ammonia formula’s vibrant palette of shades.

We only use the best at Evelyn Kershaw Salon. We are always looking for innovative coloring products that are suitable for all hair types and provide simple color, shine, protection and intensity.

Color Services

ALL color services come with a complimentary haircut and style


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