Beyond the Chair


There is so much more to being a great Stylist than simply mastering the technical skills clients appreciate.

Join a coalition of Stylists who, for a small fee, enjoy the exciting benefits of being part of a large, prestigious salon chain—including training from top talent, insight into the industry’s biggest trends and even inspiration for building your clientele business from ho-hum to exciting profitability.

Take Your Career to the Next Level

Welcome to Beyond the Chair, where you’ll begin to prepare for success that used to only be available with tens of thousands of dollars in investment capital and a famous-name backer.

With Beyond the Chair, you’ll enjoy connection and conversation with other like-minded stylists, webinars that make exciting training accessible, insider insight on state-of-the-art products and exclusive invitations to offer new services to your clients.

Beyond the Chair is in pre-launch mode, with discounted memberships for all levels of entry, through May 2020.

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