Hair Extension Installation Experts in Plano TX


The Evelyn Kershaw Salon pros are experts at using extensions to create fabulous new looks—and these are even dubbed “the new break-up ‘do” on our blog.

Extensions aren’t just about extra-long tresses, although that is certainly a prevalent reason women are choosing them as their go-to look when their own hair only grows to shoulder lengths.

Extensions can mean those lovely (or edgy!) hairstyles that aren’t suited for fine, thin hair are now within reach. Stacked bobs look incredible with the volume extensions create.

Asymmetrical cuts, which could take months to grow into, are now achieved with just a short time in the chair.

And fun colors have become an easy option, as pre-dyed extensions are available to create layers or peekaboo locks of every color of the rainbow.

Bonus: Affordability Matters

While going to untrained, unlicensed “stylists” is clearly a risky choice, the truth is that affordability matters. That’s why The Evelyn Kershaw Salon offers the Hair Extension Membership. This membership offers a flat monthly fee that includes unlimited “move-ups” (maintenance) for your extensions, provides a product discount so that you are enjoying top-quality products at great prices and even includes a discount on other service, such as color and styling. Best of all? The monthly fee is approximately half of what a standard “move-up” maintenance costs.
Hair Extension Installation Experts in Plano TX

Three Things You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Hair Extension quality matters

You want your hair to look healthy, natural and smooth. The best way to get that effect is by only working with places—like The Evelyn Kershaw Salon– that use Remy hair extensions.

Remy hair is human hair that is collected healthy, with the cuticles intact and all cuticles flowing in the same direction from root to the tip.

Companies are recognizing that savvy consumers request this high quality hair, so unethical companies are labeling synthetic or non-Remy human hair as “Remy;” and these synthetics have even been known to fool some professional stylists. However, the non-Remy hair will soon become snarled or even matted, which may damage your own hair, too.

And finding high quality Remy hair can get more confusing because government standards allow a certain percentage of “other” types of hair strands while still allowing the label “100% Remy hair.” (We agree, that shouldn’t be allowed, but because the government says it’s ok, many manufacturers and even salons are fine with it.)

The Evelyn Kershaw Salon uses both Perfect Tress and Babe Hair Extensions. These two brands are both 100% Remy hair—Babe even guarantees that 100% means 100%– there are not “other” strands allowed in their Remy Hair.

Perfect Tress has created a couple of extension systems that are unique—including a weft system that uses no glue and no heat so there’s no damage to your hair. And here’s something exciting: Perfect Tress is available for curly hair!

The Evelyn Kershaw Salon will only your extensions after your initial Consultation, and we only work with two of the most reputable distributors: Babe & Perfect Tress. While there may be other distributors out there, we have established relationships with these companies, and we trust that the hair extensions they are supplying are of extraordinary quality.

Extension Application Technique Matters

Because of the rising popularity of extensions, particularly to achieve fantasy-like “Mermaid Hair,” unlicensed “stylists” are now applying extensions for significantly below standard market rate. This is alarming, because alopecia (balding) conditions are always a concern with extensions. Learning a technique for applying extensions from a video is not the same as being educated and trained on the variety of risks and methods to help ensure the best possible results when applying hair extensions.

When it comes to extensions, you want high quality hair extensions applied to your hair with the technique best suited to your hair’s volume and texture.

There are a variety of hair extension application methods:

  • A. Tape In
  • B. Fusion with a keratin bond
  • C. Tie-in weft (sometimes called the “white girl weave”)
    • a. Also known as “micro ring”
  • D. Lock by lock using either i-Tip or Flat Tip extensions with beads
    • a. Micro beads
    • b. Micro beads with silicon lining


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