Perhaps you’ve tried working at the high-volume chains and are looking to express more of your artistic side. Or maybe you’re tired of the constant marketing game of a small room in a suite-oriented business. Possibly you’ve just earned your license and you can’t wait to begin your career in an upscale salon.

Regardless of your circumstances, you know one thing: You’re ready to advance your career in a growing salon, with regular education on state-of-the-art techniques, true mentorship from top stylists and a team atmosphere that helps you become the established, skillful professional you’ve dreamed of being. If that’s you, The Evelyn Kershaw Salon wants you on the team!

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Trends, Technology & Training:

Continuing Education

The top Stylists have one thing in common: they are at the forefront of all trends, they utilize new technology, and they never, ever stop getting training (even when they’re trainers themselves.) But as an independent Stylist, it’s not always easy, and it’s not always affordable, to ensure that you’re abreast of the trends, technology & training.

But as a Stylist with The Evelyn Kershaw Salon, you’ll have the advantage of the 3 Ts coming to you—Evelyn regularly invites industry talent to the salon to offer stylists their exclusive knowledge.

We have a built-in mentorship program for all stylists, and it includes everything from client relations to personal development and instruction in the technical skills of a top stylist.

Get Started Now

When you join TEKS, you’ll discover that the Salon’s marketing means you can focus more on your skills and less on figuring out where/what/how to find new customers.

Here’s what to expect:

  • You’ll visit the salon and get a feel for its atmosphere and clientele.
  • You’ll review the training program that advances Stylists from Bronze to Platinum.
  • You’ll interview with a TEKS manager.
  • If you and the TEKS manager agree it’s a good fit, you’ll join the team and begin your new Journey with a Training Tuesday team meeting.
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