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Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Available – In Stock

UCARE FOUNDATION – 2 OZ bottles of 80% alcohol hand sanitizer are available and in stock. 


  • 20 Units of 2 oz bottles = 1 Pack for $60
    • (Shipping Included) or you can do curb-side pickup
  • Individual bottles (2 oz bottle) for $3ea
    • Curb-Side Pickup Available
    • $5 shipping and handling for units shipped individually up to 20 units. 
Kevin Murphy
Lakme - Inspired Hair Care

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Not all products are listed, but we carry and have inventory for trending brands including: Aloxxi, Brazilian Blowout, B3, GK (Global Keratin), Eufora, Color Wow, Sudzz, Kevin.Murphy, Lakme, Keune and 1821. If you have a specific need, please fill out our form with your request and we will get back with you the same day to process your order and expedite the shipping process. 

KM Session Spray Flex


Get a flexible, workable hold without the crunch. A lightweight formula that never gets flaky. For every can of SESSION.SPRAY FLEX sold, a financial contribution will be made to help reduce global carbon emissions.

$35 (Shipping Included)

KM Bedroom Hair


Let’s face it, who doesn’t want tousled, sexy bedroom hair? And sure, we’d all like to say, ‘I woke up like this’ but the reality is usually a very different story. BEDROOM.HAIR puts touchable texture, separation and movement into the hair, while still allowing you (or someone special) to run your fingers through from roots to tips – the epitome of sexy, bedroom hair with just the right amount of texture. Our flexible, texturising finishing spray delivers perfectly imperfect locks every time.

$35 (Shipping Included)

KM Heated Defense


Protect your hair against daily life’s biggest aggressor, heat damage. HEATED.DEFENSE is a weightless and invisible leave-in treatment foam to protect your hair against damage associated with heated and mechanical tools. Providing heat protection up to 450℉ / 232℃, this leave-in foam distributes easily and disappears in all hair types, providing a weightless protective shield.

$32.50 (Shipping Included)

Hydrate-Me Rinse


A luxurious hydrating and smoothing conditioner, designed to restore and replenish hair in need of repair. Ideal for naturally dry hair or for hair that’s been exposed to harsh, dry climates. HYDRATE-ME.RINSE provides an essential moisture boost to nourish dry, parched locks, and transforms the look and feel of split ends. Full of antioxidant goodness, HYDRATE-ME.RINSE leaves the hair with a nourished, healthy-looking glow.

$37 (Shipping Included)

Un Tangled


No need to tearfully tear those tangles away – allow UN.TANGLED to do all the hard work for you. Our leave-in conditioner is formulated with a complex blend of nourishing Australian Fruit Extracts that help detangle, strengthen and restore hair to sleek perfection. Added heat protection also helps guard against styling damage.

$34 (Shipping Included)

Hydrate-Me Wash


Quench dull, parched and dry hair, with a nourishing hydration pick-me-up. HYDRATE-ME.WASH is our super-smoothing, hydrating WASH that will replenish hair with much needed moisture. Ideal for hair that’s naturally dry, or exposed to harsh, dry climates, it’s packed with antioxidant goodness to help restore a healthy glow to parched locks.

$36 (Shipping Included)

Bodu Mass


As the name implies…this is BODY in a bottle. Created using eyelash thickening and lengthening technology, BODY.MASS helps strengthen the hair, while imparting a fullness and thickness that gives you beautiful body and bounce. Richly formulated with Oleanolic Acid, our leave-in plumping treatment helps fortify and strengthen at the roots to help prevent hair ageing.

$47 (Shipping Included)

Ever Smooth


Activated by the heat of your blow dryer, this lightweight spray creates the ultimate silky, smooth blow dry with softness, volume and a frizz free finish.

$37.20 (Shipping Included)

Plumping Rinse


Treat fine, thin or ageing hair to a lavish level of conditioning goodness with PLUMPING.RINSE. Our luxurious RINSE delivers essential nourishment to help restore thickness, and boost volume, while imparting sublime shine and silky-soft texture.

$37 (Shipping Included)

Body Builder


Work that body and boost your hair with flexible fullness and hold. If you want to create smooth, big shapes then layer on plenty of BODY.BUILDER. Don’t be afraid to keep adding more, as our weightless, moisturising, volumising mousse will build beautiful body without any fear of a crunch – the end result is flexible fullness and hold.
Lessening our environmental footprint, and creating products that are kind to the planet is at the heart of everything we do at KEVIN.MURPHY. For every can of BODY.BUILDER sold, a financial contribution will be made to help reduce global carbon emissions.

$35 (Shipping Included)

Smooth Again


Dual purpose SMOOTH.AGAIN delivers all the benefits of a hard-working styling product, alongside the smoothing and nourishing benefits of a treatment. Our leave-in smoothing treatment helps eliminate frizz, leaving you with smoother, silkier more touchable hair.

$39 (Shipping Included)

Hair Resort Spray


Surf’s up… so treat your hair to a day at the beach with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY, our super-cool hair spray that will help you recreate the iconic sexy, beach hair Kevin Murphy is renowned for. Refreshing bursts of citrus oils help you rock the sexy surfer look, and its unisex scent works for both the girls and the guys.

$35 (Shipping Included)

Full Again


Fulfill all your fullness dreams with FULL.AGAIN – our hardworking thickening lotion that boosts body and bounce. Created with an abundance of tiny rayon particles that adhere to the hair shaft making it appear fuller, FULL.AGAIN creates naturally soft movement, leaving fine or thinning hair looking lush and beauty-FULL.

$35 (Shipping Included)

Anti Gravity Spray


Defy gravity, and go bigger and even more beautiful with a burst of ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY. Our lightweight, non-aerosol hair spray imparts a lush, oil-free shine to the hair, and will hold your style in place for longer.

$35 (Shipping Included)

Young Again


The ultimate daily indulgence for damaged and ageing hair – YOUNG.AGAIN a weightless leave-in treatment oil from our REJUVENATE regimen. Infused with Immortelle to help counteract oxidation and therefore the ageing process, our intensely nurturing treatment oil delivers deep conditioning benefits that leave hair feeling soft and smooth with an overall boost to shine. Use daily to fight the fight against dry, damaged, brittle hair and to provide protection against environmental stressors, and heat damage.

$47 (Shipping Included)

Young Again Wash


Put youthful body and bounce back into brittle, damaged hair with a nourishing boost of YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH. An essential part of our REJUVENATE regimen, our restorative shampoo delivers a nourishing complex of Amino Acids alongside ingredients selected specifically for their known rejuvenating benefits. The end result will be renewed, youthful-looking lustre, and hair that looks and feels young again.

$42 (Shipping Included)

Young Again Rinse


Treat your hair to the feeling of youth with our nourishing YOUNG.AGAIN RINSE. This luxurious conditioner helps restore youthful lustre to dry, brittle or damaged hair, and delivers a unique complex of Amino Acids, essential oils and known rejuvenating ingredients to smooth frizz and impart shine – leaving the hair looking and feeling young again.

$43 (Shipping Included)

Angel Wash


If your over-stressed hair is in need of a little salvation, our delicate ANGEL.WASH volumising shampoo will nourish and transform fine, fragile hair that has been colour-treated or damaged. Infused with soothing essential oils, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants, ANGEL.WASH gently cleanses the scalp and hair while maximising colour longevity, and protecting against harmful free radicals.

$36 (Shipping Included)

Angel Rinse


Treat fine, fragile and broken hair with ANGEL.RINSE, our weightless, volumising conditioning RINSE created to soothe and protect fine, damaged and colour-treated hair. Delicately scented and deeply conditioning, Mango and Cocoa Butters help nourish and moisturise the hair without weighing it down.

$37 (Shipping Included)

Stimulate-Me Wash


An invigorating daily shampoo, bursting with revitalizing freshness. Created with a stimulating blend of Camphor Crystals, Bergamot and Black Pepper, STIMULATE-ME.WASH enlivens the senses, as it awakens and clarifies the hair and scalp.

$36 (Shipping Included)

Thick Again


Hair not as thick, full and lush as you’d like? Give it a little extra oomph with THICK.AGAIN. Our leave-in thickening treatment is designed for men with fine or thinning hair, and is rich in essential ingredients that will help thicken the hair and prevent breakage. Using breakthrough eyelash thickening and lengthening technology, we’ve harnessed ingredients that will leave your hair looking thicker and fuller over time.

$47 (Shipping Included)

Stimulate-Me Rinse


An invigorating conditioner for men, bursting with revitalising freshness. STIMULATE-ME.RINSE delivers a stimulating blend of Camphor Crystals, Bergamot and Black Pepper that helps soothe and cool the hair and scalp, while strengthening and nourishing the hair.

$37 (Shipping Included)

Plumping Wash


Plump up in all the right places, and take your hair to a whole new level of volume and thickness with PLUMPING.WASH. Created to nourish every strand from root to tip, fine and ageing hair will transform into stronger, fuller-looking locks with renewed strength and vitality.

$42 (Shipping Included)

Session Spray


The session stylist’s ultimate weapon when it comes to holding everything in its rightful place. Spray SESSION.SPRAY over any finished look for firm, weightless, long-lasting hold. Provides intense hold and memory plus excellent humidity resistance, and brushes out easily and effectively without a trace of flakiness.

$35 (Shipping Included)

Doo Over


Want a ‘doo’ that packs volume and hold, but with a softer look and feel…DOO.OVER is everything you desire and yet so much more – it’s a ‘hair-doo’ in a can! DOO.OVER is a dry powder finishing spray in-one, that allows for natural movement, yet holds everything in just the right place. The end result is your dream ‘doo with a soft, velvety finish, that smells so good you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons.

$35 (Shipping Included)

Teknia – Color Stay Shampoo

Teknia – Color Stay Shampoo

Sulfate-free. Its acidic pH closes hair cuticles to maintain the color’s resilience. Prolongs the qualities of the color and delays the loss of pigments. Antioxidant action.

$39 – Shipping Included

Teknia – Color Stay Conditioner

Teknia – Color Stay Conditioner

Conditions and moisturizes the hair fiber. Its acidic pH closes hair cuticles. Prolongs the qualities of the color and delays the loss of pigments.

$43 – Shipping Included

Natural Boost – Thick&Volume

Natural Boost – Thick&Volume

Conditions and detangles.
Like silk to touch in damp hair.

$30.60 – Shipping Included

Shape – Thick&Volume

Shape – Thick&Volume

Brushing lotion to give volume and shape.

$29.70 – Shipping Included

Top-Ten – Cool (10-in-1)

Top-Ten – Cool (10-in-1)

Creates the perfect finish for healthy hair.

$46.50 – Shipping Included

Beautifying Elixers – Shampoo

Beautifying Elixers – Shampoo

Rejuvenating shampoo to help repair dry, brittle and damaged hair. Delivers soft body and bounce.

$38 – Shipping Included

Beautifying Elixir – Conditioner

Beautifying Elixir – Conditioner

Rejuvenating conditioner to help repair dry, brittle and damaged hair. Delivers soft body and bounce.

$39 – Shipping Included

Eufora Style – Behave

Eufora Style – Behave

Lightweight styling cream for perfect control to any style. Enhance curl and wave. Define layers. Control frizz.

$30 – Shipping Included

Eufora Style – Full Effect

Eufora Style – Full Effect

Dry Texturizing Spray for fantastic texture and separation to any style. Anti-frizz formula creates lasting fullness.

$33.50 – Shipping Included

Eufora Style – Formation

Eufora Style – Formation

Versatile styling foam for wet or dry hair. Perfect for sculpting, volumizing, and texturizing.

$34.50 – Shipping Included

Please provide the product name, quantity and your information and we will contact you immediately to place your order over the phone. Also, if there are any products from other brands that are not specifically listed here such as: Aloxxi, Brazilian Blowout, B3, GK (Global Keratin), Eufora, Color Wow, Sudzz, Kevin.Murphy, Lakme, Keune, 1821 or any other brand, please let us know and we will accommodate if we have it in stock. We have a large inventory, so just reach out to us and we will make sure you get what you need. Thank you so much! 

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