While the silvery-gray tones of “granny hair” are popping up on everywhere, unless you have a career in the arts (or are in your teens or twenties) you’re probably looking to blend or cover gray, rather than add it into your hair.

But there are a few hair trends you’ll love for this fall/winter season (c’mon, chillier weather!)

Color Me Perfect

Richer hues for your hair color top the list, and it’s more than just adding “warmth” to your locks! (If your coloring is “cool,” then definitely stay away from warm tones around your face.) Try a fall look that adds depth and richness to your hair by weaving several different shades throughout, with a slightly darker nod to the lower temps.

Bang Bang!

Fall is a great time to try out what you’ve been contemplating all summer: bangs. Lower humidity makes this the perfect time of year to give bangs a whirl. And really, it doesn’t matter what your face shape, personal style or even your age is, there’s a bang that will work for you. Definitely talk to your Master Stylist about these factors, and hear whether she thinks blunt bangs, a half bang, wispy or layered bangs would work best. (And if you’re looking for a Botox alternative, then bangs are definitely the way to go!)

Holiday Hair

We’ve stressed the importance of a “convertible hairstyle” before—one that lets you have at least three different looks between washing. Another thing you want is a simple go-to look for the parade of holiday events—from office parties to girls night out to your favorite charity’s holiday fundraiser. The options here are endless… yes, even if you opted for a pixie cut!

Depending on your personal style and your cut, you can add sparkling accessories, a sleek wave or two or a smooth (or not-so-smooth) updo. One of our favorite looks to celebrate with is the half up style, which pulls tops layers back away from your face while leaving the sides and back free for your favorite option: waves, curls or straight!

Book your appointment today and get elegance with an edge for this fall and winter!