Big life changes usually precipitate hairstyle changes, too.

For years (decades, really) when a woman wanted a drastic style change, she usually took the plunge with a short cut. Oh, there can be color changes, too, but going short has been almost the universal language of proactively hopeful new beginnings.

But when Christy* called me (Evelyn, owner and operator of The Evelyn Kershaw Salon) and finally pulled the trigger on getting long hair extensions, I knew we were in a new hair era.

Hormone Hair

A year before, she sat in my chair and told me about her “dream hair.” (You have dream hair, don’t you?) She loved the idea of lavishly long hair; she’s in her late 40s so her hair was thinner and didn’t grow as long as it did in her 30s.

Extensions seemed a perfect fit for her, since they offer both volume and length. But she was worried about the drastic change, the upkeep and the cost. I shared information on our extension club while I cut and colored her hair. She took the information, and then wistfully mentioned it whenever she would sit in my chair.

Fast forward a Year

Christy had just gone through a major break-up, and was headed (on business) to Europe. I add that she was going on business, because while Christy had a great job with a good salary, she was by no means extravagantly wealthy an important part of this story.

What she was, though, was determined to face life post-break up with energy, hope and style. She was ready to have the volume, length and style that projected her excitement (ok, and some trepidation, but she was focusing on the positive) about new beginnings.

Her first appointment was brief: I matched her hair with a couple of tones of extensions. (Using just one color rarely looks natural.) Christy laughed, she said if she’d been trying to pick them out herself she’d never have chosen those shades, she thought her hair was much lighter than that. (Did you know we rarely have an accurate idea of our own hair color? It’s true!) I placed the order for high quality, real Remi hair. There are definitely lower quality extensions that call themselves Remi but aren’t, so working with a reputable distributor is important! The hair took about 5 days to arrive.

Putting the extensions in took about 3 hours. Christy was amazed at how well the hair matched her own, but what she really loved was the final look after I styled her hair. Gorgeous, long, loose curls that restored the volume she’d lost through hormone changes!
Check back in two weeks to hear Christy’s opinions on upkeep, cost and her new look.