Pixie hair styles, and the latest twist on them, the Bob-Pixie, is a top style pick for Fall 2016—and with good reason. This year’s version of the Pixie is incredibly versatile, and can make a style statement of chic, edgy, glamorous or even romantic. 

But a Pixie on a round face shape? Or a square face shape? A heart shape face? You bet! The only face shape that should never get a Pixie or Bob-Pixie is the face shape whose stylist doesn’t remember to aim for balance! What we’re trying to say is, any face shape—yes, we know what your Aunt Mamie told you, but we’re telling you ANY face shape—can look great with today’s Pixie or Bob-Pixie. It’s  simply a matter of using a few variations to achieve balance. 

We’re not talking about trying to make every face shape look oval. We’re talking about taking your unique face shape and using the cut to enhance what looks great on you!

Round Shaped Faces

Your youthful round face looks great in a Pixie or Bob-Pixie when you pair it with side-swept or half bangs. And definitely consider letting the sides cover the tops of your ears, it will help bring a little balancing fullness to your hair style. Adding in choppy layers can be a fun look for you, too. 

Square Shaped Faces

Asymmetrical cuts look fabulous on square faces—and we just have to say it, your jaw line is perfect for the Pixie and Bob-Pixie cuts! (Not to mention, you’ll look young for years to come with that definitive line. Looks that allow you to create some height at the crown are really flattering on you, so consider that when choosing the shape of your cut.  

Heart Shaped Faces

Soft, long layers added into your Pixie or Bob-Pixie look spectacular on your heart-shaped face, and side swept bangs will be your best bet for highlighting your lovely cheekbones. Adding curls or waves will be flattering, too. 

Oval Shaped Faces

Oval faces are flattered by almost any hair style, and the Pixie and Bob-Pixie are no exceptions. So pick out a feature you’d like to highlight (say, your eyes or your cheek bones) and make sure some layers end there to bring emphasis. 


Highlights, lowlights and even edgier colors can help emphasize your best features with these cuts. Thinking about a drastic color change? It’s important to consult with an experienced stylist to learn how to make the change in a way that will help your hair look healthy.

At the Evelyn Kershaw salon we specialize in creating a look that works best with your features, hair texture and (especially) your personality. Schedule a consultation with one of our master stylists today, and find out how the Pixie or Bob-Pixie can look gorgeous on you.